While there are many treatments that can help you get back your lovely tresses, silicon hair treatment is one of the most popular methods in practice. Hair silicon system, a non-surgical treatment for hair re-growth is suitable for partial baldness. In this replacement treatment, silicon is used to attach hair to the bald area.

Silicon hair treatment has a fixed procedure for treating baldness. As in the hair bonding method, silicon-based treatment also involves setting up hair using minute clips. Silicon is used in the base of the patch that looks identical to original scalp. With this silicon-based patch, you will find it surprisingly difficult to differentiate between your new hair and the original hair.

Procedure:- Silicones coat hair strands, thus creating a smooth, shiny effect on the hair. Due to the high refractive index, the hair looks glossy. The hair looks healthy and remains detangled. The hair strands do not clump together and there is no resistance while combing. The hair ends are smooth and undamaged when coated with silicone. Silicone coating of hair provides protection from heat and also retains moisture in the hair. The heat transfer utilizes water as a conductor. By retaining moisture in the hair, silicones aid in the smooth transfer of heat to the hair fibre. This property is very important when the hair is subjected to styling techniques that use heat.

Silicon hair treatments are also suitable for those with coarse, curly and other ethnic hair types. Besides resulting in re-growth of hair, this treatment also provides added shine and volume while restoring the brilliance and suppleness of damaged hair.