HAIR WEAVING is a more long term fixing, and needs to be done professionally by a technician I.e. where we are Expert. It is the science of addition of hair to the scalp by weaving or braiding of already existing hair. It is also called Hair integration or Hair Intensification. Some of the natural hair is woven or braided together to act as an anchor to the hair unit.

This is a non-surgical, painless, quick and safe treatment which involves merging of a human hair unit with your existing hair. Even small bald patches can be covered with the help of this. The hair unit is designed to match the human scalp, the same way as one’s own natural hair.

It is a quick, easy and safe method of having beautiful, natural hair that appears to be your own.

No surgery; No pain; No professional maintenance; No side effects; In just 60 minutes.

it is personalized as per size and contour of scalp, bald area, style of your choice and merged with color and texture of your existing hair and you get the restoration of your crowning glory.The secret is in the technology, and it is designed to give you what you’ve always desired a perfectly natural, undetectable front hairline to both sight and touch.

You can style, attach and maintain your customized unit in the privacy of your own home! It is really simple, you can shampoo, style, color them as your own hair. You will have no problem even in adverse situations like swimming, showering, driving and participating in sports.