HAIR BONDING is the common name given to all cases of temporary fixing, where the client is able to take off and put on the hair system frequently at home. A range of fixing products like clips, day wear tapes, week wear tapes is used. 

Our company offering Hair Bonding service in this technique slight modification is done where instead of tying the patch with the original hairs specially designed clips are attached to the patch. These patches can be clipped on to the original hair and removed, if not necessary. We use modern technology which is a painless and non-surgical procedure providing quick remedy with no side effects, promising complete satisfaction to our esteemed clients. These hairs bonding technique is gaining popularity among both men and women. We provide these services at a nominal price range and gained popularity as a title of being the most reputed hair bonding solution provider

Hair Bonding is safe and can be done without damaging your hair , hair bonding basically involves fixing additional stands of hair to your natural hair.